How to Watch YouTube Red Videos Without buying the Subscription on Android


Hey guys, I am very annoyed by the fact that if we want to watch Exclusive movies, TV series or episodes from famous Youtubers, we’ll have to buy the subscription for YouTube red.

As we are OG Android users, we don’t pay for almost anything so is there any way to watch these things without paying for them?


Oh! I never thought about that, that’s an awesome idea. Can’t wait for the answers… :wink:


You can do that very easily, just follow along with me:

  1. Download the app called “Terrarium TV”,

  2. Open the app, and tap on the arrow beside the search button,

  3. Scroll to the end and you’ll find the YouTube Red category,

  4. Tap on that and you’ll find all the exclusive movies and videos available on YouTube Red.

This is the best method of watching all the exclusive YouTube red movies.


Are we going to get all the features of YouTube red with this?


Of course not, this app can only be used to watch movies ever created as well as all the youtube red movies.


Can you give the link for this app.


Yeah sure.


Thanks @Shayan_2002 for sharing the link with us. :slightly_smiling_face: