Huawei Mate 9 reboots, unkown IMEI


My Mate 9 ( MHA-L29 ) has broken all of the suden. After turning on it works for a minute or so and then it reboots. It is doing that all over again - working for 30-60s, reboots, working again, reboots. It also says IMEI unkown. When i go to settings there is no ‘update’ option.
I tried factory reset and hard reset, didn’t help.
Any suggestions what could be a problem?
Thank you


Hey, that’s strange. From when did this start happening and do you know why? Did you try to flash something on it or something like that?


You must have tried to do something which made this to happen to your phone, because there is no chance that your phone is going to forget its IMEI number just like that.


Did you buy it new or used?


It’s actually my boss’s phone. She is that type of a women that uses phone for calling only, from what i know it happened all of the sudden, she wanted to throw the phone out so i took it. I havent tried anything beside hard reset and factory reset. Should i try to reinstall android? It happened like month ago and it is still in same condition. I am sure she didnt do anything to phone, she wouldnt even try. The only thing i can think of are updates, maybe she got automatic update and then phone has broken.


Don’t need to worry about anything. Just try to recover the original firmware or if you know how to, just try flashing a basic ROM on it and see if it works or not.
Mainly undo whatever you did after which it is doing this.

If nothing works, just try DC-Unlocker, it should definately help you recover your phone and its IMEI number.


Okay. Yes, you should definitely try to reinstall android. Just let us know what happens afterwards or otherwise just try DC-Unlocker.


Thank you for advices! Do you know any guides i could follow? I have never tried to flash ROM or anything like that but im pretty sure i can do it with some tutorial’s help.


Yes, for sure. Just follow along.
Firstly, make a backup of all the things you have on your phone.
Then start by rooting your phone. Once your phone has been rooted, you’ll have to unlock your bootloader and install a custom recovery on your phone namely TWRP is used in most cases.
After that’s done, make a backup of your entire phone including your useful apps and data as well as your system.
Now that’s out of the way, you’ll have to download the actual ROM. Depending on which one you get it comes in different variations, and it is going to be in ZIP file format.
Reboot your phone and once you’re on your recovery, tap on install ZIP from SD Card. Then navigate to your actual ZIP file and install.
Wait for it to install and you’re done. This is just an overview of the actual process. Hope this helps


Thank you! I will follow your advices.


Hello again,
im having troubles with unlocking bootloader, i dont rly know how to do it.
Can anyone help?

Edit: I tried to follow some guides but they all tell me to get on official huawei website and fill the request for unlocking code, apparently it doent work anymore.