Hypothetical Example: Google becomes like Apple..


Let me explain:

Imagine if Google decided to become like Apple in the sense of making Android closed source and instead of having multiple companies creating Android phones, you would just have Google, that goes for SoC’s too, instead of Qualcomm, Google would make their own Soc’s and what not.

What do you guys think of this? I think in terms of support and updates it will fix that issue but at the same time it would suck for other companies and also completely mess up the fundamentals of Android


I don’t think Google can do this. Google businesses are purely based on Advertisements & data. More Android devices mean Google can show more ads and get more data. So it doesn’t make sense for them to restrict Android OS to themselves only.

If they need their own OS specially for Google phones, they can make a new one.

Most of Google services like PlayStore, Gpay, Traffic updates are highly dependent on Android and user data. Data is money for Google.

They don’t really care about Android updates. It’s a manufacturer job not theirs.


This may fix the updates issue but will be catastrophic for company.