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I want to access Spotify abroad. Any way to bypass country restriction?

I have recently started using Spotify and installed the Spotify premium APK from your website but after using it for around a week and creating my personalized list of music favorites, now whenever I start Spotify I see an error message that says, “Enjoying your trip? To listen abroad for more than 14 days, tell us where you are at spotify.com.”

I have even tried changing the country using Spotify website but I am still unable to login to my account using their Android app.

Is there any trick or method that would help me bypass this Spotify country restriction? I don’t want to create another account as I have already spent a lot of my precious time on creating playlist of my personal favorite music. Please help. Any tip would be highly appreciated.

Hello again @Matthew85, don’t worry I have been through this issue and managed to solve it using a specific procedure. Regaining access to your Spotify account is very easy. The following method will let you access your account from any part of the world. :world_map: :musical_note: :smiley:

Simply perform the following steps on your Android device:


There are three app requirements to bypass Spotify country restriction and allows you access Spotify in countries where it is restricted or where it is not available:


  • Turbo VPN (list of best free VPN apps for Android is available here),
  • Chrome Browser, and
  • Spotify.

How to bypass Spotify country restriction on Android

Here are the steps:

  1. Install any VPN app of your choice. As mentioned in the requirements above, I am using Turbo VPN.

  2. Open Turbo VPN, select United States :us: as the server location.

  3. Open Google Chrome app and open a new Incognito tab. This is important.

  4. Go to spotify.com, you should be automatically redirected to their US website because of the VPN.

  5. Now login to your Spotify account.

  6. Scroll down and tap on Edit Profile.

  7. Tap Country dropdown list, you will see the option ‘United States’. Select that. And then tap Save Profile.

  8. Once your profile has been saved, you can now open the Spotify app and login to your account. You will be logged in successfully.

  9. Now, turn off VPN and try to use Spotify app. It will continue to work.

It is important to note here that this will help you bypass Spotify country restriction for about two weeks. After that, you will need to perform these above-mentioned steps again but the only thing you need to change is select “United Kingdom” in Turbo VPN instead of “United States”. And you will be good for next two weeks. :wink:

Enjoy endless music :musical_score: for free and if you have any question then feel free to ask! :smile:

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I was also struggling in the beginning and I couldn’t find any perfect solution related to this. After that I found this solution and since then I’ve been using this format to use spotify. This solution works perfectly fine and is a perfect solution for my problem. :smile:

Maybe you can try to use a TuneFab Spotify Music Converter to help you listen to Spotify Music without space restriction.

I can’t do it, even though I performed all your instructions, I have of countries, only USA

You can use VPN for first time. After first time it should work without VPN.

To access to Spotify in other countries that don’t support Spotify, the first way is to use a VPN to fix this issue fast.
If it’s not convenient to use a VPN, you can download Spotify music on your local computer in your country with a professional AudFree Spotify Music Converter for Mac or Windows and then transfer them to USB flash drive to access to them on other countries.

This tool can download and convert Spotify to MP3. So you can access to Spotify music library on any country.

Pardon my interruption, but can I use the same strategy on the iPhone?


I’ve already used the APK file but sometimes it gets me banned. any suggestion?