Is Kingroot Safe To Use?


Hey guys. I was thinking of rooting my device since it will give me a lot more options to play with on my phone. I was planning to do it with Kingroot but there’s always a question bugging me about rooting my device with Kingroot that it is not going to work properly or it is going to be a problem once your phone gets rooted. So basically my question is that is Kingroot safe to use?


Hey @harryfisher. I’ve heard many people telling me that they screwed up their phone trying to root it using Kingroot. But there’s also a majority of people who’ve successfully rooted their phone with Kingroot.

There’s also a problem with Kingroot that once you root your device it will be a pain to remove that app from your phone, and it is really not safe to keep an app on your phone that can read your personal information or use that against you.

I suggest that you should try another method of rooting your device like SuperSU, it is also a great way of rooting your device.

I hope this would be helpful to you. :smile:


KingRoot seems most simple way to root your Android phone but I don’t recommend trying it. People are saying this its malware.


It didn’t worked for me either so i recommend not to use it.


Yes, @Shayan_2002 I agree. It worked for my friend but it just didn’t work for me.


Same. Didn’t work for me either.


Yes, as for me, it is good and safe so far. I used it to root my Android for twice and everything went smooth.