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Is McAfee Activate antivirus good for Android

I have been using McAfee Activate antivirus in my PC for a very long period of time and I am satisfied with its performance that helps in keeping my PC safe from all kinds of vulnerabilities. The question which comes into mind is that do McAfee will work fine on my android device too or some other is suggested?

Hi, I never used antivirus on my phone. If you don’t download apps from outside the playstore. You don’t need to install Antivirus. Android is quite safe if you know what to download and what not.

Mcafee is trusted company so might be good for use but I dont see any practical use.

McAfee is the best antivirus software for android, but for Android devices there is no need of antivirus software…

But for particular if you want to go with android antivirus, I think the best choice to go with is KASPERSKY and Trend Micro both are good for android.