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Is rooting still working on Pokemon go

I’m having problems rooting my phone however I’m not giving up . But b4 I actually find a way that works for my phone I would just like to know if I do so will it still let me spoof

Yes, still working for some people but not for everone.

Yup, Working for me.

Do you know if root acces can be gained on this phone thAt sent I
In sceenshot as my ZTE zmax pro can not gain root ,

Hi @Anthony_O_Brian_Chyn, not every phone is same. Before jumping into root, I will recommend you to try other location spoofing apps on your phone to see if it works or not. Some of our forum members were able to spoof without rooting their device.

In case you are not aware, here are some of the location spoofing apps that work with Pokemon GO.