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LG Phone Not Turning On

I always plug my phone into the wall charger every night to charge it and it worked fine every day but yesterday I plugged my phone to charge it but in the morning it didn’t turn on. I tried plugging it back again but no luck. What should I do?

Did you try holding the power button for a while? Like if you hold it for 20 seconds, it is going to do a hard reset and going to make your phone possibly work again.

Did it turn on when you plugged it in? Or did it show any signs of life?

No. it didn’t do anything.

I had the same problem with my LG device and when I held the power button for almost 20 seconds, it started and worked perfectly fine.

Mine is not turning on at all. I tried doing everything but there is nothing turning on it. I don’t know why it happened but I’m really really angry at it.

I think that it is doing that because of overcharging your device. I know you do it every day but there must be something that has triggered it to turn off. Try draining the battery somehow and charge it back again once it’s fully drained and see if it works or not.

How am I supposed to drain the battery? The phone is not turning on at all.

The thing I came up with, was a small OTG powered fan which I used with my power bank. I plugged it in on my phone and made it to start working and it drained the battery pretty quickly. It also worked as an indicator as it stopped working once the battery was fully drained.

That’s a really great thing that you came up with. Let me try it myself.

My phone worked after I drained and charged my phone again. It was pretty strange but thanks for the solution anyways.