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My android phone battery is draining too fast


My android phone battery is draining too fast. I own an Oppo F9 pro phone. Please help in this regard.

Hey @Sara,
This is quite a concern for many of the Android smartphone users. There are some steps involved in order to search for the main cause and to address the issue accordingly. I’ll try to get you through all the steps to detect the problem.
As we all know that a lot of apps are running in the background of our Android smartphones and we don’t exactly know which app is working in the background and draining our battery. One simple solution is to turn off your Wi-Fi and data connectivity and then observe your phone’s battery. If it improves the battery time, then we need to dig further to check which application is actually causing a problem.
Turn your data or Wi-Fi back on and go to settings. You will find a “battery” option in the settings. If there is some severe issue with an app, then you will see a card with a title “restrict”. You can simply restrict the app or uninstall it in case it is not used frequently.
The smartphones come with more options under the Battery tab. Click on the battery usage button to check the apps’ utilization since the battery was last fully charged. Here, you will find a complete list of apps and their usage. The list starts from the app that is using most of the battery and then goes down to list battery-using apps. Now the Android smartphones come with the “Battery Optimization” feature and it is always better to use this option.
I hope following the above steps will solve your issue.

I have used Oppo phone previously. I have been gaming a lot on my phone that caused some serious damage to my phone’s battery. So, I quite playing games on my phone that definitely saved the battery timings.

Try following battery-saving hacks:

  1. Turn-off your screen as soon as you are done using your phone. Also, minimize the Screen-On timer to save the battery
  2. Use automatic screen brightness mode
  3. Try using apps in Dark mode
  4. Do not use live or animated wallpapers/themes
  5. Turn off “Always-On” mode
  6. Close all the apps properly after using. You need to close all the apps so that they do not run in the background
  7. Use Battery Optimization
  8. Turn off location, Bluetooth etc.
  9. Try to use Internet and Wi-Fi only when needed.
  10. Enable the update notifications

Thanks guys but my smartphone usage is quite high. I have a full-day job and i require data connectivity all the time. By the time I get home, my phone is just dead.

Then you need to use some good battery saving apps. I have been trying many and can share my experience with these apps. You can use Junk Cleaner, DU Battery Saver or One-Tap battery saver to optimize your battery.
One of the best battery saving app that I am currently using is Power Battery. It optimizes the battery and notifies about the remaining battery time. It turns off all the battery draining apps while you fast charge your phone. It comes with two features that work when you charge your phone. It comes with Speed Mode that lets you fast-charge your phone below 80 percent. There is a Trickle Mode as well that reduces the charging input around 100 percent to enhance the battery life. You can further identify the most battery consuming apps to either uninstall them or stop them running at the background.
You can also use Kasper or Avast Battery saver app. I prefer Avast over Kasper because Avast allows the user to adjust the settings with smart profile.

Guys… I have figured out the biggest culprit behind the battery drainage. It is caused by Google. We all know that majority of the apps running on our Android phones are by Google like Google online, Playstore or Gmail. All of these apps are linked with a google account. Sometimes, any of the apps get stuck at the background or does not update. Sometimes one of the jobs get stuck causing massive battery drainage. My most battery consuming app is mostly Youtube or Gmail. So, I force kill all of these jobs and sync my Gmail only when it is required. Simplest ever solution is to restart your phone and your phone will be absolutely fine.

Well, it is not just Google but any third-party app can get stuck that causes the battery to drain. Also, Google jobs get stuck with some particular model not with all the phones. I agree that rebooting the phone definitely helps but it is quite a short-term solution.
Yes, i will second you that Gmail should be synced only when required rather than having it on auto-sync as it will keep on polling the phone after regular intervals.

Some very simple daily practices have let me to maintain good battery timings for more than 2 years. I do not install any unwanted app and turn off Wi-Fi or data when not in use. I opt for Airplane mode while traveling and sleeping. Also, I charge my phone if the battery is around 15% and use battery saving mode at around 30%. I have switched off my phone’s vibrator and animated wallpapers.

Select specific network rather than Auto-search for the network (2G or WCDMA or LTE).

One more thing: Use lesser number of widgets on the home screen and also turn off the keyboard vibrations. Do not auto-sync your apps and turn on notifications for the updates.
Try to use location only when required.

Use Greenify app. It helps you to extend the phone’s battery life by killing all the battery draining apps running in the background. It has got all the must-have features required by any battery saving app. I have rooted my Android phone and this app is great with rooted devices.

@App_reviewer, do you have experience with other battery saving apps for rooted devices?

Here are some following root-only battery saving apps:

  1. Servicely - It stops the services running in the background. You can configure it accordingly to make the best use of it.
  2. Wakelock Detector - It can detect both partial and full wakelocks. It can give you a list of the app causing wakelocks. Once you detect them, you can either uninstall them or use other battery saving apps to kill them.
  3. GSam Battery Monitor - It gives all the information related to wakelocks, wake time, CPU as well as sensor data.

It is important that we understand that these apps just give information about the battery draining apps. They do not stop the drainage. All the information is important before proceeding further with steps involving un-istallation, killing the processes and other methods.

It would be beneficial to use and explore Android smartphone features to extend the battery life. Doze Mode, App Stand by and Battery Optimization feature are already there in your Android phones. Doze mode and app stand by modes are there in the modern Android versions and start on their own when the device is not in use.

Doze Mode: It serves as a hibernation mode for the phone. Apps are only synced by the instructions of the OS. The device does not scan for the nearby Wi-Fi and does not attempt to sync with the network. It only works when the phone is in idle state. So, it is better to leave the phone and let these modes work. Do not touch the phone un-necessarily. Doze mode stops working as soon as the screen is turned on or the phone is moved or the Alarm clock buzzes.

App Standby Mode: It limits the data usage by the apps that are not occasionally used. It is also activated when the phone is in idle mode.

As soon as you notice your battery charge is dropping faster than usual, reboot the phone If your phone keeps killing the battery too fast even after a reboot, check the battery information in Settings and Check which apps are draining your battery and uninstall that apps…