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My Wifi gets Disconnected Very Frequently

Hey. Recently my wifi has been annoying me a lot. Whenever I connect my phone to my router, firstly, it takes a lot of time to connect it properly and it also gets disconnected very quickly whenever I go a little bit at the end of my house.

My router is very powerful. It used to deliver all around my house.

Does all of your phone or devices have this problem or just one?

You should try resetting your router and do all the settings again. Maybe something has gone wrong with your router.

You should also try forgetting and re-entering the password on your device(s). Maybe the problem lies in your phone.

Consider doing the 2nd method first because it is easier as compared to resetting your router.

No, only my phone has this problem. But sometimes my other phone has this problem too.

Then you should consider getting your phone checked, maybe there is an issue with your phones wifi module, causing the problem. Taking your phone to your closest phone repair shop will be the best idea.

How can that happen?

Maybe you’ve dropped your phone which has caused the wifi module to become loose and in turn stopping you from using wifi.

It can also happen after some time, I had my Samsung Galaxy S4 which I used all the time, and within about 3 years or so, it was facing some problems connecting to the wifi network. So I took it to the local phone repair shop and found out that some phones, after becoming old, tend to decrease the signal strength of the wifi, without even dropping your phone. So maybe your phone has become a little old.

The same thing happened with my Samsung S5. I was so confused when this happened but you can’t do anything about it, if it’s going to happen then it is going to happen.