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Need for speed for android cheats?

hi guys, i’m a big fan of Need For Speed. but i don’t have free time for train gold to buy new car. pls help me find the cheats of Need for speed. thanks !

Hi @dmtaukhua123, Welcome here.

Can you please tell me which version of need for speed you are playing? Please post the link to the app if possible.


i don’t know version of need for speed which i’m playing. i can’t post link for you but i download it from google play " need for speed no limits"

thanks for help!

I also do need cheats for Need For Speed No limit. Please do share codes if you know.

Hi, I have found one app that can hack Need for Speed No Limit and many similar apps. It’s called GameGurdain. Have you tried it?
I have uploaded in the post. You can download GameGurdian APK here.
Note: It only works on the rooted phone.

GameGuardian.8.31.0.apk (6.6 MB)

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There were a lot of possibilities to hack in-app purchases, gold, and even cash of Need for Speed No Limits but as the game has started to gain popularity and increased competition among players, the developers fixed the majority of loop holes that allowed us to cheat in NFS No Limits.

However, if you are still looking for cheats and hacks of Need for Speed then I will suggest you to try Game Guardian apk. The download link has been already posted in the previous post by Steve.

Good luck :+1:

Thanks, I will give it try.

Delete the old cheats . this problem happened with me then I fix it

I’m playing Need For Speed No Limits game on my Android Smartphone. Have any cheat for this game and cheats will work only on rooted phones?

You’ll need to root your phone in order to use cheats with this game. Once you root your phone, you can download Game Guardian to use cheats.
The link for this app is posted above on Steve’s Post

I’m also playing Need For Speed No Limits game on my Android Smartphone its really great racing game on my Phone. I play many games but NFS No Limits is the best game.

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Agree. NFS is best racing game.