Phone casting to other devices


Q, I wish to cast my phone to my television, I have a Amazon fire stick, By using this does this injury costs from Amazon and/ or what would be the best way of doing this?


Hey man. Yes, you can connect your phone to your TV using Amazon Fire Stick and it is pretty simple.
Just go to the settings on your TV Stick > display and sound settings and then navigate to enable display mirroring.
Once that’s done, pull down the notification panel on your phone and tap on Cast/screen mirroring button, once you find it and connect it to the Amazon Fire Stick from the options. Now the phone should connect to your TV stick.


I don’ have the cast or screen mirroring option over there. Where is it?


Don’t worry, If it’s not over there then tap on the Pencil/pen icon on the top corner of your phone’s screen which will let you edit the notification panel and will let you bring more options to your easy reach, find the cast or screen mirroring option and drag and drop it on the notification panel. That’s it. Then follow the above-mentioned steps and you’re done.


I use chrome cast and it works like a charm for me. It is really easy to use as well as fast and efficient. It works really nicely and if you find your TV stick hard to use then you can try this one. I’m sure you’ll like it.


I am so thankful that I bought a smart TV and I don’t even need to buy any dongle or that kind of stuff to make my TV a smart TV. It was a good choice and I just love it now.


Yes. That’s a much better choice. It is going to be built-in and nothing is going to even stick out.


I think it is a bad idea. Using a Chromecast or any kind of android device for TV is good because the TV’s don’t have a high storage space and they don’t even have a high RAM. If you get a separate device then you can get much more RAM and if it gets old and your TV is still fine then you can get a new device with much more features making it a better option overall.


Yes, that’s some thinking there. Nice job bro.


Thanks all for help😀