Pokemon go fly GPS


My phone model is vivo v3max and i cannot use fly GPS due to failed to detect location when i allow mock location. what i can do to use fly GPS? and i am trying to Root my phone, but it cant work also.


Have you done rooting your android phone? What’s the problem after rooting?


i try already, but it cant access to root


Hi @monkyhow971202 and welcome to Best Android Forum! :wave:

Can you please tell me what method are you trying to use to root your phone?

UPDATE: I have checked for the details on the Internet for your model of Android phone and found out that there is no way to have systemless root on Vivo V3 Max due to lack of development and support. Without systemless root (like Magisk) it will be impossible for you to play Pokemon GO because you must need to either hide the root OR unroot your device.