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Pokemon Go Hacked Version for Android

Hey. I just started playing Pokémon Go a few days ago and I was feeling very annoyed that there is no good Pokémon available in my area. So I was thinking that there might be a hacked version of Pokémon Go available out there. If anyone has any related suggestions then please let me know about them.

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no hacked version available. All the websites that say that they have an apk for this just don’t give what they advertise.

But can you tell me why?

Well I knew you must be thinking that when you searched it on Google, there were many related topics and apks for this but you just simply cannot get a hacked version of Pokémon go because even if you get your hands on a hacked version from somewhere, you’re obviously going to try to log in to your account, but as Pokémon Go has introduced a safety feature for themselves that it can detect any related application on your phone that can hack the game so it will not let you log in to your account.
And by keeping in mind that there is no offline mode available in this game, you cannot play this game.

So that means that we will have to play the game as everyone does?

No, for the people who have a craze of playing this game, they can go to the given link from where they can follow the methods and download all the mods which will work despite all the security features created.

And if you would like to then check other Pokemon related topics here.

So, why will the hacked version be detected and not your version?

That’s because the method that I mentioned above starts after your game starts working and its keywords in the database are not written related to anything on the game so that it will not be considered as a harmful app by the game.

Hopefully, this covers your confusion. :smile: