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Pokemon Go is Freezing

A new problem has started on my phone or the app that whenever I’m playing Pokemon Go, and I’m in a gym, the game starts to glitch or completely crashes on me. This has been happening a lot me to from the past few days.
Please tell me a solution or what’s causing this problem.

You might be swiping too fast in the gym and sometimes the phone lags while loading so that might be one problem.

Nope, that’s not the problem with me, anything else?

There is another known issue that if the models are wearing premium clothing then it will take some time to load the model, you might need to have some patience for this one.

Any other known reasons for this problem?

The most common and recent one is the premium clothing and swiping too fast in the gym but sometimes if you’re using your cellular internet then it gets laggy sometimes, try turning it off and turning it on again or connecting to a WiFi network if possible.

I also think that it is because of swiping really fast, as the processors in most of the devices are not so powerful to run such high demanding games.
What do you guys think?

Like other people are saying, this might be the issue of looking through the models too fast and it sounds valid too.