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Questions about Spotify Premium APK

Hi, I’m writing because I had some questions about the APK for Spotify Premium.

I downloaded the APK and everything works perfectly, thank you very much. But I wanted to know: since it’s not Spotify’s official application, are the times when I listen to a song also registered on Spotify’s official platform or when I’m listening to the songs through an unofficial application not registered on the official platform? There are times when I just listen to songs to support my favourite artists and the number of people who have listened to a song increases. But I don’t know if this works by doing it from a non-official application.

Another question: Does the APK automatically update to the latest version of Spotify or do I have to uninstall and reinstall it to get the latest version? If it doesn’t update automatically and I have to reinstall it if I want the latest version, does https://bestforandroid.com/apk/spotify-premium-apk/ update the APK to the latest version or will it always keep version

These are my doubts. I hope they can be answered. Thank you very much.

Hi @lazlothorn, Welcome here.
It works from unofficial app as well as its server side function.

Second, No, it wont update automatically. Bookmark that page and keep visiting that page for newer versions. You have to install it manually like the first time.