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Re-apply patches After lucky Patcher custom patches list's update


Is there a way for not loosing (or having them re-applied automatically) the patches after a Lucky Patcher’s update or after custom patches’ list update or after having wiped davlik and cache?

Maybe it’s me missing something, but it’s kind of annoying having to apply again all the patches after those three events…


Can you explain your question in a bit more detail. What’s the problem that you are facing?

With Lucky Patchers I apply patches to the app A, B and C.
If Lucky Patchers tells me there are updates for LP app and I update it, opening those A, B and C apps I don’t see the patches anymore, so I have to apply them again one by one.
And the same things seems to be if I update the list of custom patches in LP.
I was wondering if there was a way for not loosing those patches or to have them applied quicker then one by one.

I had to face the same problem but I think there is no hack around. You have to go this way.