Samsung Galaxies Backs are Fragile - My S8 Got Cracks


Galaxy series from S6 have very fragile back. It can be easily broken from a small drop. I had Galaxy S6 for some time and I have changed back Glass four times. Four Times! Yes and recently my S8 phone back also got cracks from a minor drop.

I know that Samsung is using Glass to support Wireless Charging but don’t know why they are not using Gorilla Glass or similar stuff to make it strong. It only takes one slip and boom. You got a crack.

While I was searching used phones on classified sites. I have seen the most of the owners mentioning that back glass is broken or cracked. Samsung should do something about it.

To make matter worse, these phones are made of total glass which made them too slippery. It’s very easy to get the dropped from your hands.

My conclusion is that you can’t use these phones without military Grade cover.


I agree. Many people are complaining about this on social media.


Samsung should use strong Back cover. Or they may not be able to do this because of Wireless Charing. Let’s see how apple phone with back glass survives.


These are usually the tactics played by companies to sell more stuff. Apple makes very low-quality cables. Their huge revenue came from selling additional cables. Now they have also removed ports so they can sell even more.


Agree with you.
You can get it change for twenty bucks.


But will it remain waterproof after changing back cover? Don’t think so.


Maybe but I won’t risk doing water test.


Samsung Galaxy S6 is not waterproof for your kind knowledge.
To protect your phone’s back from shattering you’ll probably have to purchase a jelly cover, which is the most common type. But you can also buy wraps from probably Dbrands which will protect your back glass from shattering.

I agree with you that they use very thin glass for back covers because of wireless charging, if they’re going to make it thich then the wireless charging wouldn’t work properly.