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Samsung Galaxy S5 Keeps Restarting

I had a problem with my S5 that it is constantly restarting, again and again, it can also be called as boot loop as it doesn’t get past the Samsung screen.
Please tell me a solution as I only have this phone to use and I can’t even use it, not even a single bit on its battery. It works fine if it is constantly plugged in.

You could try clearing the cache as sometimes this cache memory makes many problems and cleaning this memory makes your phone fast as well.

If the problem still continues, you can try factory resetting your phone as that will remove all the junk apps that can cause this problem.

You can also try flashing the previous version of android using ODIN flasher, this can solve your problem as well because maybe your android has some problem.

No, none of these are helping. I cleared the cache memory, I did a factory reset and I even flashed the ROM but nothing helped. What should I do? I am also having this problem with my S5.

As everybody above is telling you about software changes and solutions, I suggest that you should get a new battery for your phone, they are very inexpensive and this will definitely solve your problem as all the software changes didn’t help you.