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Samsung Galaxy S6 Charging Very Slowly

I’m currently using Samsung Galaxy S6 and for the past few days, I have been noticing that it takes a long time to fully charge the phone. It used to charge really quickly but now it’s really slow.

For how long have you been using this phone?

I’m also having the same issues. I have been using my phone for about a year now.

Maybe you should consider changing the battery. You can take it to the closest phone store and they will change its battery at a low cost since you can’t do it yourself because you can’t open the back.

Before changing the battery, check your charger if it working correctly or not. Maybe your charger is not supplying the correct amount of current to the phone in order to charge it quickly or enable fast charging.

Since you’re checking the charger, consider checking your wire as well. Thin or old wires tend to decrease the voltage flow.

Did you drop your phone? You must be thinking that what’s the link between this but maybe your phones USB port might have become loose because of that or maybe your battery has become weak because of that. Many people don’t know about this that if your drop your battery on hard surfaces, it can make your battery weak or dead as well.

I heard about this too. My father told me about this concept that if you drop your battery, it might have a chance to lose its charge or its power.

No, I didn’t drop my phone. Let me try all of these suggestions and let’s see what helps me.

The problem was with my charging port on the phone. The shopkeeper told me that the phone has dropped before you bought it and it became loose and loose day by day as you plugged it in and out. Thanks for the suggestions, everybody.