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Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Camera tips and tricks

Hey guys. I bought myself a new phone a few days ago. I bought a Samsung Galaxy S8 and from everything that I love about this phone, the camera app is full of so many things that I can’t even imagine.
So I am basically looking for some tips and tricks in this phones camera app.

Congratulations buddy. Well, there are many new features in Samsung Galaxy S8 that took me off-guard.
After the new software update, there are some new features built into this camera app like:
Focus Peeking:
What this does is whenever you use the manual focus on the pro mode, it shows you a green color line on the edges of the object that you’re about to photograph to make it easier for you to focus as accurate as possible.
I mostly turn it on while I’m using the manual focus mode or using the whole pro mode which I use mostly.
Zoom Using the Shutter Button:
With the new software update, the zooming feature is made much easier for everyone. Previously if you wanted to focus you would have had to pinch on the screen to zoom but now they have added the zoom feature in the shutter button.
You’ll just have to swipe up or down while holding the shutter button to zoom easily.

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I have come across many new camera features too while using my friends S8+. The first one was new to me and I’ve never used it before and was wishing to have it since I have this feature on my DSLR. Any other features that you came across?

I’ve come across another great feature and that is Tracking Focus during photo as well as video. What this does is whatever thing that you tap on and it is in a yellow square box, it is going to be tracked to keep that object in focus even if it is moving across the frame.
I took some great shots of different birds using this feature on the RAW format and after some tweaking, I got some great results. :smile:

Honestly, after the software update, the Bixby vision has improved a lot if compared from the original out of the box version and it is slowly getting there.
Sometimes it does not guess the object correctly but it is in a learning process & eventually, it is going to get better.

Thanks for sharing, I like the Camera features of Galaxy S8 very much. However, it doesn’t seem to play iTunes movies. I original used iPhone 6S before I switched to Galaxy S8. Currently every time I try to play an iTunes movies on my Galaxy S8, I have to use DRmare M4V Converter to help me remove DRM protection.

Well that’s not related to S8 camera but you could use other movie apps that would let you watch movies from around the world. You can check this topic related to movies. There are many apps listed there with their download links: