Samsung Galazy S6 Says unable to show private content after rooting


Hi buddies, you may know that Samsung Galaxy phones have special builtin feature to let you hide your important photos and docs in private space. This feature was quite helpful for me but recently after rooting my Android phone, I cant access my private storage anymore. When I try to access private mode, it shows message “unable to show private content”. I tried a lot of things but nothings work. Is there any possible solution without unrooting my phone?


Which Galaxy Model do you have?


Simple Samsung Galaxy s6.


You may consider unrooting your Android phone. Then save files from your private storage intro normal memory and then reroot your Android phone.
You can use apps like Vault or photo hider to hide your photos.


You will need to unroot your Android phone to get access back to your files. Some company features dont work when phone is rooted. I think you cant even use KNOX after rooting.


Thanks for the help.


I hope your issue is fixed.

Keep in mind, whenever you are modifying system files, rooting, or installing ROM then it is important to take a complete nandroid backup first. This way you can restore files using backup, in case anything goes wrong in the process.


Sure, I will keep backup of files in future.