Samsung Health is a Great app to track your Fitness


Many of my friend and relatives who are using Samsung phones have been asking me about the Samsung health app, how it works, is it good & stuff like that.

After using it for a while, I came to an answer that it is pretty good and efficient. So far it’s been really helpful for me, I usually use it for keeping a track about my water intake, caffeine intake, push-ups planks and some other exercises.
I’ve been using it for my workout mostly.
samsung health

After that I bought a Gear S3 to pair with it and to give it a try how it felt, and it’s much better since then. It senses the footsteps much better and another great advantage is that you don’t have to open the phone every-time to check about something like notifications since I also use it for the notifications and I can concentrate in my workout much better.

I don’t take notice of how much water I drink in a day and I probably don’t have a proper intake of water. Since I’ve been using this app, it keeps a track of my water intake and keeps me notified about the water intake.

It has also been helping me in keeping a track about my fitness as well as my diet.

If you’re thinking of using this app for keeping a track of your fitness, I will totally recommend this app to you.
Honestly it is a Great app in my opinion.


Yes! I was waiting for S Health review for so long. Finally it came, thanks @Shayan_2002 it was really helpful.


Samsung Health is an amazing app. I really like the built-in functions like Sleep tracking, walk tracking, stress, heart rate monitor, etc. They are all amazing.
I also like the way they present data in form of trends.
Not to mention that companies now have access to our very personal information which we don’t even know ourself.


This new year, it is my resolution to start a workout and for this, I am using this app and it is really nice. Thank you so much for this suggestion. Please tell me the app for high quality video on Android.