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SD Card Not Detected. What should I do?

Recently I started using an SD card with my phone but since yesterday, it is not displaying any SD cards and it says that no SD cards detected. What should I do? It worked fine before without any problems.

Which phone do you have? And did you take the SD card out of your phone after which it didn’t detect it or it just said that on its own?

I use Samsung Galaxy S7. And no, I didn’t remove the SD card. It just said cannot detect SD card when I tried to move my photos and music to it.

Try taking it out and inserting it back again. Maybe there is some dust and dirt in there. Try blowing inside the slot as well which will force out any dust out.

Nope, that didn’t work for me. It still can’t detect the SD card.

Try putting your SD card on another phone and see if it works on it or not. That way you’ll find out if the problem lies in your phone or on the SD card.

I tried doing that but it didn’t work. I tried putting a new SD card in my phone and that worked perfectly fine.

That means the problem was on your SD card.

So is there any way to recover anything that was on that SD card?

That is pretty hard and it depends on what happened with your SD card. Although you can try putting it in your computer and see if it detects anything in there. If it will then you can recover all the things otherwise it will be left like that.

Getting a new SD card solved the problem for me as well. I guess the quality of the SD cards are not so good now a days.

Well, it depends on which brand you go for. Some big brands like Kingston will work good for you. it also depends on which grade of SD card you are getting.