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Share Your Favorite Islamic Apps for Android

Today I’m going to share some of the Islamic apps that I use frequently.
Some of my personal favorite and best Islamic apps are listed below:

1. Quran for Android:

Quran for Android is a great app for reading Quran on your phone. Sometimes you need to go to places where you cannot take the Holy Quran with you, so this app will come in handy at that time.
I have been using it for quite a bit now and it has been really helpful.

2. Hijri Calendar: (Islamic Calendar)

This is also one of the best apps for telling you the correct Islamic date according to your actual date. It is really necessary to know the correct Islamic date when you have the holy month of Ramadan ahead of you or if you want to determine the correct date to attend Hajj.

Please note that sometimes it cannot detect the correct date as its algorithms are made to set the Islamic date according to the actual date(Gregorian calendar) so you might have to keep that under consideration and enter the correct date manually.

3. Qibla Connect:

This is also an important app since it helps us locate the direction of Qibla for offering our prayers. And without knowing the correct Qibla direction you cannot offer your prayer.

I mostly use it when I’m traveling or when I’m not sure about the direction of Qibla.

Share some of the Islamic apps that are best in your opinion. :slight_smile:

MY Favorite apps:

Here some other mobile apps,

  1. Al Quran with Tafseer mobile application, in which you can read Quran with translation and interpretation.

  2. Prayer Times mobile application, in which you can find Namaz timings and Qibla direction according to your location.

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