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Share your Favorite personalization apps for Android

Today I would like to share some of the best personalization apps for Android.
Some of my personal favourites are listed below

  1. Edge Mask:

Edge Mask is one of my favourite personalization apps, it gives a handful of options to choose from. It is basically used,

  • For replicating Samsung’s S8 display, since it has round edges so what this does is, it makes your phone’s display look like they have round edges by masking a layer over your screen’s edges and you can also change the size of those masks.
  • For notification purposes. Whenever there is a notification that pops-up on your phone, it makes the edges of your device’s screen glow with the specified colour of that app which you have to setup in the beginning. You can also change the size of that glow.

I personally use it for all applications on my phone and honestly it looks great.

The link to this app is given below.

This app works best on phones with edge displays like Samsung Galaxy S8 or S6 edge etc.

  1. AMOLED Wallpaper:

This application is by far one of the best and still stands on top of my list for best personalization apps. It gives you a huge variety of wallpapers to choose from and almost all of these pictures are in highest resolution possible which is 4k.

Whenever you open this app, it greets you with some of the most trending wallpapers, then your favourites and it also gives you categories to choose from.

The link to this app is given below.

These are some of my personal favourite and best apps for personalization.

If you have any other suggestion, be sure to let me know about them. :smile:

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Do you have any suggestions for minimalists? I don’t want to download every single app from google Play Store and try it, please tell me about some good apps for personalization.

Yes @danielfox . There are many apps on the Play Store related to minimalism but many of them are not as good as you expect them to be.

Here are some of the best personalization apps related to minimalism for you.

  1. Minimalist Wallpaper:

This is one of the best personalization app for minimalist. My friends have been using this app for a while and they are in love with it.

It provides you with many wallpapers that are as simple as they can be and provide you with some of the wallpapers that you’ll definitely like and will use as your wallpaper.

You can download it from playstore.

  1. Nova Launcher:

This app will give you all the options which you need to make your phone look as simple as you want by yourself. You can customize every bits and pieces of your Android very easily by yourself.

Just try out everything one by one through this app and set them according to your liking.

Get it for yourself from the link given below.

And by the way you can also try the app called AMOLED Wallpaper which I listed in the previous post. It has a specific category for minimalist in which there is a lot of good and simple wallpaper in the highest resolution possible.

To download this app you can click on the link on my previous post or click here.

I hope this was helpful for you and many others who are fond of minimalism. :smiley:

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My Favorite is Zedge. Zedge is best for downloading beautiful wallpapers, ringtones and themes.

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I really like this application called Hola launcher. It gives so many options to choose from.

i’d like to recommend you guys a perfect video player which call AGL Video Player. it supports almost file format and it can keep videos hidden safe from prying eyes.it’s really cool! Moreover, there are thousands of top trending videos which are from those popular video sites like Youtube,all for free.
Have a try and it will be your favorite apps.

Private Browser-Best Android Incognito Browser. This is the most useful app I’ve found in 2018. Unlike other browsers, the private browser is the default incognito mode, and it opens and downloads very quickly. Another speciality is that it provides password locks to protect bookmarks and make me feel comfortable.
If you value privacy as much, you can try it!

I prefer this application called Agile File Manager. This is the most simplest file manager I have ever seen.

My friends have been using this app for a while and they are in love with it. Basic management file functions are available, no ads will not bother you.

You can download it from the link given below.