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[Tutorial] Pokemon Go++ Location Hack App

Hi, I am interested in Pokemon GO++ location hacking for the Pokemon GO 0.69.0 on Android and looking for a tutorial to teleport my character to another location using a joystick. I have heard from my friends that they use Poke GO++ hack app and they are able to control their Pokemon trainer using a joystick and go to any part of the world to catch rare and legendary Pokemon, so from where can I download Pokemon Go++ Android apk and hack location on my phone?

I did a quick search on the Internet but wasn’t able to find anywhere. Can anyone help me? Thanks!
And if possible then please also share the guide on how to download and install Pokemon Go++ latest version hack on Android.

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Hi, Steve. Welcome to the BestForAndroid forum! :smiley:

First of all, location hack is possible and pretty reliable on Android but the Pokemon GO++ app you have mentioned is designed for iOS (iPhone) devices only. And for Android devices, there is a separate app i.e. Fly GPS. Which is the reason why you were unable to find the Pokemon GO++ apk file :wink:

As you are new to PoGo location hacking so it is important to let you know that both of these apps work similarly and will let you hack location with an on-screen joystick. However, since you are on Android device, you will be able to use Fly GPS to easily hack location in Pokemon GO.

I hope this helps you out. If you have any other question then feel free to ask :smiley:

Wow thanks for your super-quick response. Can you please help me find latest version Fly GPS apk for Android?

You can download Fly GPS apk from the link below:


I have seen some sites providing APK for Pokemon GO++. Should I install them?

No, you should stay away from them. Those APK files may contain Trojan or virus that could damage your phone’s data.

Remember, Pokemon GO++ is only developed for iOS devices. If you want to hack Pokemon location on Android then try Fly GPS. It is a legit app.

Hi guys I have been searching for the Poke GO++ location hacking app with joystick for Android on the Internet for quite a while now. I have tried almost everything but I am unable to get it to work. I have come across several websites where they suggested me to use Fly GPS app (which apparently works like Pokemon GO++ ipa apk for Android). The problem is that the Fly GPS requires you to enable mock locations settings and select Fly GPS as a mock app. I already did all that. But it’s not working.

Now according to my understandings and what I have read on various blogs is that the latest version of Pokemon GO app does not allow you to play the game if mock locations are enabled on your device. This means no matter what I do, that Fly GPS will never let me hack location in the Pokemon GO. The game simply shows, “GPS signal not found” error message. And the moment I turn off mock locations from the developer options, the GPS location error message goes away.

My friends who have iPhone (running iOS) are still able to hack location in Pokemon GO using Pokemon GO++ hack and easily control their character using joystick. They said that they simply downloaded the latest version of ipa files and installed it on their phone, which gives them a joystick along with the ability to play the game without moving/going outside.

I need your help guys, isn’t there any working Pokemon GO++ latest version hack for Android devices? If you guys have Pokemon GO++ apk download link for Android then please let me know.

Sorry for a long message but I need a working Poke GO++ hack otherwise I won’t be able to play Pokemon GO.

Hey @Matthew85 welcome to the Best Android Forum! :smiley:

I believe you are living in some remote areas where it is hard to play Pokemon GO. If that is the case then you are not alone. There are millions who are experiencing the same problem. And after the Android’s new March security update, spoofing location with apps like Fly GPS and Fake GPS has become harder for Android users.

But don’t worry, we at BestForAndroid are always looking for all the possible ways to help Pokemon GO users with working spoofing and location hacking tricks.

We will soon have a working Pokemon GO++ app for Android. Until then I will suggest that you browse other discussions related to Pokemon GO hacks, maybe you are able to use other apps to fake your location on Android. :wink:

Hi guys, I am on the latest Pokemon GO 0.69.1 version and trying to get the Pokemon GO++ hack work but unable to do so. I have tried many guides and tutorials available on the internet but nothing is working. If you say that Pokemon GO++ does not work then I would like to mention here that my friends who are on iOS 1.39.1 version are able to spoof their location and bypass real life walking using the Poke GO++ hack.

Also, I have tried those same procedures on the previous Pokemon GO version 0.69.0 but that didn’t work either. So for us Android users, is there any latest and updated GPS hack for Pokemon GO 0.69.1? Did anyone here figured out how to use Poke GO++ Android for location hack?

Can I download it for my Android device?

For those of you who were waiting for the Poke Go++ location hack on Android, I have a good news for you. Please check the easy-to-follow tutorial given below and you will get a working Pokemon Go++ on Android that works even after the Android security update. :smiley:

How To Get Pokemon GO++ On Android?

Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to get Pokemon GO++ location hack on Android phone and tablet devices:

Step 1 – You must need to have the latest version of Pokemon GO app installed and running on your device. You can update it through the Play Store app on your Android. Alternatively, if it’s not available in your country/location then you can download Pokemon GO APK from the APK section.

Step 2 – Apart from the Pokemon GO, you need to have the Pokemon GO location hack GPS JoyStick apk. You can download the app for free from our apk section. And then install it on your phone.

Step 3 – You will also need to download and install the Link2SD app, it’s available here.

Step 4 – Also download Disable Service app from the Play Store .

Step 5 – Launch Link2SD app and, in the list of apps, look for GPS JoyStick then tap on it. Then open the menu list by tapping on the menu button located on the top-right corner. Then tap on “Convert to system app” option. (Check GIF below for details on how to do this)
Step 5 - Link2SD

Step 6 – Reboot your device to apply changes.

Step 7 – Open Disable Service app, tap on “System”, tap on the Search bar and then type “fused location”, open Fused Location and tap on the “FusedLocationService” to disable it. Now search for “Google Play Services” and open Google Play Services, then in the list of services look for a service name “FusedLocationService” and tap on it to disable it. (Check GIF to see this in action)
Step 7 - Disable Service

Step 8 – Restart your device to apply changes.

Step 9 – Go to Settings -> Location -> Enable “GPS only” OR “Device only” mode.
Step 9 - Location Mode

Step 10 – Open GPS JoyStick app and go to “Settings”. And make sure the following options are enabled:

  • Enable Indirect Mocking,
  • Enable System Mode,
  • Disable Location Service,
  • Enable A-GPS Reset.
    Step 10 - Poke GO   Settings

Step 11 – Go back to the GPS JoyStick homescreen and tap on the “Set Location” radio tab. Then you can either manually select your location on the map through search OR enter location coordinates (i.e. latitude and longitude) in the boxes. Once done, tap on the “Start” button to begin spoofing.
Step 11 - Pokemon GO

Step 12 – Now, just to test if the GPS JoyStick is really working, open Google Maps app on your phone/tablet and you will see that you are now in the spoofed location and can easily navigate around with the joystick.
Step 12 - Test PokeGO

Step 13 – Once you have made yourself familiar with the joystick, open Pokemon GO and start spoofing. :wink:

:warning: And yes, you need to have a rooted Android device to fake your location with this Pokemon GO++ hack.

If you have any questions then feel free to ask. I will help you out :slight_smile:

It should work on all Android devices. I will suggest you to follow the guide I have just posted here in this thread because it works much better than the Fly GPS :wink:

This method requires a rooted device though?

Never mind, I didn’t notice the last sentence

I have done all of this, but when I want to start Pokemon GO, I am unable to authenticate.
When I search Google it says Niantic blocks rooted devices. So how am I going to fix this?

Ninatic blocked Rooted Devices, really? Can you post the screenshot?

No worries, if you can find a working root switch app for your Android phone/tablet device then these Pokemon GO location hacking apps works perfectly fine.

Yes, Niantic no longer allows you to play Pokemon GO game if it detects that you are rooted. The best solution for that is root switching apps. I am running LineageOS on my Samsung Galaxy Note II, with root and iSU that allows me to switch on/off root at my convenience.

There are few root switch apps available on the Internet for different Android devices and some of the popular ones are SudoHide, Magisk, iSU, RootSwitch. You need to find and use the one that is compatible with your device and Android version.

For me, iSU works good. I can enjoy root as well as spoof in Pokemon Go with Pokemon Go++ location hack app. :slight_smile:

Check the following screenshots where I have passed & failed Safety Net test. All within a matter of seconds. Thanks to iSU. :smiley:

He was reffering to the Google results.

Hi Farzan, I actually have a different issue. See I use fake GPS to do e-hailing service (something like Uber). Once I reach the airport, there are alot of drivers there. And everyone uses fake GPS to put their location at the arrival lane.

So, if you open the rider app, you can see a stack of cars there. One on top of another. All drivers put their GPS there at the same point becos whichever car closest to the point will get the job (ping).

My question is how can I be the one to get the job first? With so many cars on top of each other, sometimes I have to wait hours to get a job. Please help… any advice is great… Thank you…

Hi Richard, and welcome to the Best Android forum! :wave:

It seems like you are more or less asking about how the e-hailing service apps work in the backend. To better explain this to you, let me share a personal story.

I requested an Uber ride and the driver arrived near my home, while I was getting in the car he accidentally canceled the request. He then apologized and asked me to request for the ride again.

Surprisingly the app automatically connected me to different Uber ride which was almost 5 minutes away from me, even though I was sitting inside his car and his Uber driver app was online. On the other hand, he was receiving a request from another customer.

After canceling two requests, Uber finally sent my request to the driver I was sitting with.

This shows that Uber and other similar e-hailing services use some sort of algorithm to assign jobs to drivers and the assigning process is not directly linked to the location/proximity of customer and driver.

So it is not as simple as it might look to us. There are numerous factors involved. I hope this answers your question and explain how things actually work. :slight_smile:

Hi Farzan, thanks for your reply. It’s true what you said about Uber - there are other factors involved. However, the local e-hailing company is not as advance as Uber (lol). So, the car that is nearest to the pin will get the job.

But in this case which I mentioned above, if everyone put their GPS at the same spot…which car will get the job first? Any GPS tricks?