Unable To Play Video Files On My Tablet


I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and I’ve been using it for a long time but it never plays videos. I’ve tried converting the video to all the possible formats but it still doesn’t run the videos. What should I do?


Try downloading any video player app like MX Player. It plays videos in almost all the formats. So you can try playing videos through it, maybe it will work perfectly for you.
You can tap here to download it.


Copy the files to your PC and see if the video plays on the PC or not. If it does then the problem lies in your tab otherwise the video is corrupted or is damaged during the conversion.


I’m running cyanogen mod on my tab, will it make any difference?


Most probably it shouldn’t create any problems but I’m not sure about that.


I kept all my videos and pictures on my SD card but I thought that the SD card was the culprit so I bought a new Kingston SD card and then all my videos worked fine.

You should definitely look into the matter if you’re using an SD card.


Maybe your player doesn’t have access to local files.