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Unknown Websites opening on Chrome Automatically when Unlocking the Phone

Hey everyone. I don’t know what happened but whenever I’m unlocking my phone, it opens an unknown website on chrome browser and it doesn’t stop. It keeps on opening more and more tabs until I close the app.

What should I do? It is not letting me use my phone properly.

Maybe you should try clearing the cache of the app. It should solve your problem.

Nope, it didn’t. I even tried uninstalling and installing the app again but no luck.

Did you download anything from chrome? Like any kind of file, application or anything like that?

No. As long as I remember, I didn’t download anything.

This kind of stuff usually happens when you download a third party app or something like that from an unknown source.

Well, what you can do is, download any kind of antivirus app from Play Store, on which you can trust and run the antivirus test. It will show you anything that was doing that.

Yes. Antivirus will probably solve your problem.

VPN’s can also do this kind of stuff to your phone. It happened to me once, and I just thought that it would be the VPN app, so I deleted it and it never happened again to me.

Can you tell any specific antivirus app that you used or you know about?

Well, I tried almost all the antivirus apps that were very popular but none of them worked for me so I tried an app called Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: AppLock & Web Security. And it worked for me. So I would recommend you to first try all the popular antivirus apps and if none of them work then try this one.

Here is the link to it: