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Use Nox App Player to play Pokemon Go on PC without Bluestacks

Hi, I am interested to use Nox App Player to play Pokemon GO on my PC without Bluestacks. Is there’s any possible way? Or is it even possible to do that on my computer?

The reason I am looking for a way to play Pokemon GO on the computer is that I have an old Android phone with only 1GB RAM, which according to the official requirements is insufficient to play this game. Even though I can login to the game using my phone but it lags a lot during the gameplay. And that is the reason why I am looking for a workaround.

I have heard from my friends that Bluestacks has not been updated in quite a while and does not perform well for gaming. So one of my friends suggested trying Nox App Player, which according to him is designed to play Android mobile games on PC. But I don’t really know how emulators work.

Can anyone help me out, please?

Hi @james_smith :slight_smile:

It is quite possible to play Pokemon GO on PC using an emulator like Nox App Player but after the implementation of stronger security checks by Niantic on the Pokemon GO game, it has become harder to play it on any emulator whether it is Bluestacks or Nox.

If you search about this on the Internet, I am sure you will find out that the majority of websites are still telling that you can play Pokemon GO on a computer using Nox, Bluestacks or any other emulator. But after the release of Pokemon GO version 0.69.0 during the mid of July 2017, that’s not the case anymore.

No emulator will be able to let you play Pokemon GO and most of them will show you an error right after you enter your account login details, whether you use Google or PTC (Pokemon Trainer Club) account to log in to your account. (To save your time, I have tried to attempt it myself and shared each step with screenshots, check below).

The reason behind the error is that the Niantic has implemented a server-side verification of several details related to your device and Android OS, which includes IMEI number, manufacturer, model number, Android version, cellular details, data carrier, whether or not your device has root access.

During the login process, each one of this information is sent to the Niantic server to verify whether the login attempt is being made through an emulator or real Android device. If verification is successful only then you will be allowed to play the game.

Now you might ask that why Niantic and Pokemon GO have implemented this much safety just to stop people from playing the game from PC?

The reason behind all this is that a large number of people were using Android emulators as a tool to cheat and spoof location in the Pokemon GO game, which helped them in catching Pokemon without physically going outside and by using fake GPS apps.

How to use Nox App Player to play Pokemon GO on PC without Bluestacks

As a part of my experiment, here are the steps (along with the screenshots) to show how far you can actually go with using Nox App Player to play Pokemon GO on PC:

  1. First, we need to download Nox App Player. You can grab a download link by going to their official website here and then click on the Download button.
    01 - Download Nox App Player

  2. The Nox installation file size will be between 280MB-300MB and it will take a while to download, depends on your Internet connection speed. Once downloaded, double-click on the file to begin the installation process.

  3. Make sure the checkbox next to “I have read and accept the Nox License Agreement” is marked and then tap on the Install button.
    03 - Install Nox App Player

  4. The installation process of Nox will take around 2-5 minutes, depending on your computer’s processing power.
    04 - Install Nox App Player

  5. Once Nox has been successfully installed, you will see the following screen. Click on the Start button to launch Nox App Player.
    05 - Install Nox App Player

  6. You will now see a startup screen along with the progress percentage as the program begins to load the Android emulator on your PC. It will take no more than 2-4 minutes.
    06 - Startup Nox Player

  7. Then you will see an introductory help screen, where the emulator will guide you about the features and basic aspects of Nox App Player including basic features of NoxPlayer, keyboard control/mapping feature, share files between your computer and Nox, how to download and install apps/games, and some other cool features and the usage of sidebar in NoxPlayer.
    07 - Nox Player Introductory Help Screen

  8. Once you are past that screen, you will see the Android home screen that looks no different from the one you have already seen and used on your Android device.
    08 - Nox Player Android Homescreen

  9. At this point, you need to install Pokemon GO in the Nox Player. There are two possible ways to achieve that.
    One option is to download and install the game via Google Play Store, which will require you to login to your Google account. And the other one is to download the Pokemon GO apk file from here and then drag and drop it onto the Nox Player, which is the easiest way.

  10. Once the Pokemon GO apk has been downloaded, simply drag and drop it onto the Nox Player and it will automatically start the installation. And soon the Pokemon GO icon will appear on the homescreen.
    10 - Nox Player Pokemon GO Installed

  11. Click on the Pokemon GO icon to launch the game on Nox App Player. You will see the startup screen with the Niantic logo.
    11 - Nox Player Pokemon GO Startup

  12. You will now be requested to enter your date of birth.
    12 - Nox Player Pokemon GO

  13. A sign-in screen will appear with options to login either via Google or Pokemon Trainer Club (PTC) account. Select whichever method you used to create an account for Pokemon GO.
    13 - Nox Player Pokemon GO Login

  14. Depending on your selection, a login screen will appear where you need to enter your username and password. Simply enter your account details and click on the Sign in button to login to your account.
    14 - Nox Player Pokemon GO PTC Login

  15. It will now check your account details and communicate with the servers to verify your account and device information.
    15 - Nox Player Pokemon GO Authenticating

  16. You will then see a message, “Unable to authenticate. Please try again.” As revealed in the screenshot below.
    16 - Nox Player Pokemon GO Unable To Authenticate

As you can see, according to my experiments, this is the farthest you can probably go with using Nox App Player to play Pokemon Go on PC without Bluestacks. This means Niantic Inc. does not allow you to play Pokemon GO on emulators.

This is the best I could do to clear misconceptions and possibilities about playing Pokemon GO on computer using emulators.

For you, James, the only possible option is to buy an Android phone with at least 2GB of RAM and then you will be able to play Pokemon GO without any problem. :smiley:

If you have any other question then please feel free to ask.

Woo. People are still playing Pokemon Go. Don’t Know why they love this game so much.