What are Android Miscellaneous Files? Should I delete them?


Hey, can anyone tell me what are android .misc/miscellaneous files?
Actually, they are taking a big amount of storage of my phone and I don’t know if I should delete them or not. Any suggestions???

How to Free Up Space from your Internal Storage

Hi @danielfox, I was also shocked after looking at the amount of space Android miscellaneous files take on our smartphones.

After doing some research, I came to an answer that they are the files created by your device or some of the apps that you’ve downloaded on your smartphone.
To check the amount of space of miscellaneous files of an app consumed, go to Settings—Storage—miscellaneous files.

This must have put you into thinking if you should delete these files or not. Well, not all of these miscellaneous files are important, but some of these files are also created by your system, which if deleted, can cause some problems related to your device. And some of these files are created by the apps on your device, which again if deleted, can make the app not work properly or delete some of your important files.

Before you delete any of these files, you should first check if they are important or not. You can only delete these files from where you are checking the file size. You will need some kind of file manager like ES File Explorer to check whats inside them. You can download this app from the link given below.


I think cleaner apps can safely remove these unwanted files. I am using CM Cleaner, Ccleaner also work. They will help you get free space by deleting these useless files.


You can use space analysis in Agile File Manager to check available space left.

It can simply delete cached files, along with miscellaneous files that are larger than 10 MB. The Boost option can closes apps you’re not using that are still running in the background. Also, it can remove all of those unseen rubbish stored in your device.