What are some Best Bitcoin Apps for Android to Buy, Mine and Sell Bitcoin


Hey. Can anyone tell me some of the best apps that I can use regarding bitcoins and stuff like that? It would be highly appreciated.


Bitcoins are just trash in my opinion. I don’t know why people like it so much.


Let’s not start a fight as it is personal preference. There are many apps regarding this but the best one, in my opinion, is Blockchain Wallet. It has been working perfectly fine for my roommates and they didn’t have any problems till now.


I’ve used that app too but I liked Blockfolio more than that. It works better for me and I didn’t have any complaints regarding it.


I had an app in mind called Crypto Price IQ. It is not necessarily used for buying and selling bitcoins but it can be used for checking the rates of bitcoins when they go up or down.


In my opinion Bitcoin Checker is the best app up until now. It gives you information regarding a specific cryptocurrency as well as helps you in buying and selling them as well. I prefer you should try it out yourself rather than me explaining to you that. It’s pretty simple, I can assure you that.


zTrader is also another app which offers much in-depth information about how the cryptocurrency is doing as well as how it performed in the past. You can even chat with people in the built-in chat room. The app can be downloaded for free but it has in-app purchases as well.


I find the newspaper and news channels related to this topic to be the best one for information about them. It is not a hassle.


I don’t think that newspapers tend to give information on the everyday stats of a certain cryptocurrency.


The apps give you update every second which will prevent you from losses while newspapers come every day, so the apps have a big advantage over newspapers.