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What are some best Remote Controller apps For Android Phone?

I am using Samsung Peel App on my Galaxy s8 for the long time but its really annoying. It’s like malware showing ads most of the time even when I don’t use it. Peel remote works fine but there are many issues with it. Please recommend me some best alternative apps. Thanks

Agree Peel is getting a lot of ads recently. Look like an adware from Samsung. I have already disabled it and installed Sure Remote app. It works best for me.

I also use Sure Remote control app. They have a large database of different companies remotes. Try this app and you will find it better than peel.

Also, try Universal remote control app

I will recommend Mi Remote app for TV and AC. They have over 25,000 five star reviews. Try this app.

Thank you guys for fast replies. I will try these apps. Peel remote app looks more appealing to me.

Peel Remote app now shows different item and suggestion on lock screen. I was first wondering which app is showing me this popup screen everytime I unlock with horscope and suggestions. There was no clue so finally I force stopped all the one by one and came to know that Peel was culprit. They first added a lot of ads on their app and now they completely made it adware. I disabled it completely after knowing this.
I am sure sure app for remote function.

Ye lots of add injection apps everywhere when you are looking for something like that. I would wait until a trustworthy souce comes out with something.

I use the original Peel Smart Remote app which was preinstalled on my samung phone. It works completely fine for me, and after some updates it has become one of the best apps out there.
It doesn’t show any apps to me.

I am using LG TV Remote App for my LG TV, search visiocrystal in playstore and you will find it, the good thing is that it is ads free.