What are some of The best Antivirus Apps for Android?


Hey, can anyone tell me the names of some of the best antivirus apps for android? I just recently bought a new android phone and I don’t want to get it infected by any kind of virus or anything.


Which one did you got? I’ve was thinking of buying a phone for my wife.


Android phones don’t get infected by viruses that often like pcs and stuff. So I don’t think you should download it as it makes your phone slow by running on the background all the time and scanning unnecessarily.


But if you’re are still paranoid and want to be on the safe side, I think avast would be the best bet. I’ve been using it for quite a long time now and it is pretty good. It doesn’t make your phone slow a lot. You can sometimes feel a bit lag here and there but not a big deal.

You can download it from here.


From all my experiences with all the android phones, I never had to download any kind of antivirus except just for one time where my chrome browser kept opening again and again whenever I unlocked my phone. For solving that problem I downloaded Kaspersky mobile antivirus. It quickly scanned my phone and showed me the file which was causing the problem for me.

So I say that you don’t necessarily download any kind of antivirus but if your phone, unfortunately, gets infected by any kind of antivirus just download this app from the given link and remove all the viruses. That way your phone wouldn’t get slow, your space wouldn’t be used and will solve your problem in case your phone gets infected.

The link is below:


I think Norton security and antivirus is the best app for antivirus. I use it on both of my phones.


I think your phone wouldn’t get infected by any kind of virus if you download all the trusted apps from the official Play Store and don’t download anything from third-party sites.


Yes, that’s a good point but what’s the point of getting an android phone then if you don’t download apps using APKs :wink: . That’s the best part of getting an android phone. People wish for these features :sunglasses::joy:.


Download lookout, it’s the best free app out there.