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What are some of the Best Apps to be More Productive?

Today I’m going to share some of the best apps that’ll help you to be more productive instantly.
Here are some of the apps that I use to increase my productivity

  1. ClearFocus: Productivity Timer

ClearFocus is a great app for increasing your productivity and staying focused for doing your work. It helps you to concentrate on the task that you’re trying to do.

You can easily setup this app as you like, just set the working session duration, then set the break duration and you are good to go. You can set the long Break duration too.
You can even disable the apps and sounds that you find distracting while you’re working or even turn off the Wi-Fi to stop web based incoming notifications.

I have been using this app for quite a long time now and I tend to use it almost everyday as I, myself have some concentration issues & can’t concentrate on something for a long period of time.

link to this app is given below.

  1. LastPass Password Manager:

This is a great app for you if you tend to forget your passwords and or you need to log in to multiple accounts quickly. It remembers and saves all the passwords of different accounts that you use.

I personally use this app almost everyday since I’ve multiple accounts to log in almost everyday and I always get confused between all the different passwords, so this app keeps a track of all the passwords that I use and auto fills whenever I need to log in to a account.
Now you must be thinking “Is it SAFE?:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Yes, it is totally safe and you can even set pin codes to the app on your phone or on your PC just to make it more safe.

Link to the app is given below.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions related to productivity and I’ll be sure to give it a try. :smile:

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I am already using both of these applications already and they are pretty good. Do you have any other app suggestions for increasing productivity? I’m highly interested. :grin:

Hey @carladdy . Thanks for your feedback. I do have another app that I use very frequently related to productivity which might be helpful for you.

This app is called;

( OFFTIME ) - Distraction Free:

This app is all based on giving you time for doing your important tasks quickly and efficiently.

It disables all the apps which might disturb you during your work by popping notifications or by doing something else. You can even limit phone usage through this app if you tend to use your smartphone continuously and can’t control your phone usage.

I use this app when I’m working or even when I want some peace in my life as all the notifications disturbs me a lot.

Get this app for yourself through the link given below.

I hope this is helpful. :blush:

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For me, its Wunderlist that always keeps me on track. I manage my whole life using this app and it’s pretty amazing. I do recommend using it.


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CloudApp is the ultimate productivity app!.