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What are some of the best apps you have ever used?

What are some of best apps you have used on your phone?
P.S: only share the apps that are less commonly known.

Wunderlist is my favorite app for managing my work.
And Spende for finance management.

My favorite is Navigator for offline maps and whatsapp for texts.

Here are some of the less commonly known best apps I use regularly:

  • Daily Expenses 3 to quickly organize and manage my income and expenses.
  • Office Lens, which is like a portable scanner that helps scan and capture whiteboard and documents.
  • Twilight to protects my eyes from the blue light emitted by phone and also allows me to adjust/dim the screen backlight intensity.
  • Trello to stay organized, it helps me keep track of all my projects and assignments.

My favorite note app is MixNote Notepad Notes.:kissing_heart:
I have tried a number of different note taking apps such as EverNote, Onenote, Google Keep etc. but they all were flawed. So sloooooow, always depend on your Internet connection. This was just horrible. However, MixNote is a great alternative! It is only 2.8MB. It’s so much faster. Never crashes (at least when your operating system works normally). MixNote allows me to quickly take your notes manually, clip them with a shortcut from almost anywhere and later categorize those notes with tags.

Officially app: Trello and Slack

The best app i have ever used is APPLOCK
It can !Put a lock on important apps, pics or videos.APPLOCK is the #1 App lock in over 50 countries with Over 300 Million users.
You should try it sometime.

Agree with you!
Security is very important.

The biggest reason why business personnel is using the Android operating system in the first place is that Android OS separates user’s stuff from business applications. Every business owner uses their smartphone in different ways. There are several Android apps which are helping millions of big and small enterprises every day.

  • Basecamp
  • Cloud print
  • Invoice2go Pro
  • Google Drive
  • Todoist

There are many android application which is used by businessman.

The best application that I’ve used are:

  1. Cartoon HD for watching some movies, TV serials and of course cartoons,
  2. Edge Mask for some Personalization,
  3. Hyperlapse for recording some epic time-lapse.

Be sure to try them out and Let me know if they are any good. :smile:

One of my colleagues, who is a senior Android app developer & a member of Android app development team at Space-O Technologies, has developed 3 different apps that I liked the most based on app’s features.

  1. Flickbay App

Flickbay app provides all the information related to Bollywood. Bollywood fans can follow their favorite celebrities through this app. Moreover, they can get all news, alerts, notifications about movie trailers, music & videos related to all the upcoming latest movies. They can rate any movie, as well as share their review via the Flickbay app.

  1. Wanderkit App

    Wanderkit is a social networking app, where solo travelers can connect with each other through social messaging app and travel together. The basic idea of this app is to let users find travelers with same interests, exchange travel tips, post events and meetups to grow their network.

  1. Gallery Guardian App

    For any parent having teenager child, this app gives them peace of mind by helping protect their child against inappropriate images.
    Gallery Guardian is one of a kind text monitoring app developed solely for parents to track their child’s smartphone activities and reducing the risk of Sexting in this digital age.

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@amitm30 I will try them. Thanks

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I use Audio manager for hiding pics and videos. According to me this is the best app.

I have used TribeFluence app for promoting my products over social media. This app connects branders and social media influencers. They can communicate with each other. Social Media influencers can share their product and earn money.

Hotfoot Railways App
A lightweight railways app, loaded with features developed to help those millions of Indians who travel through trains. In addition, the app provides info on Local Trains and Metro.

Less commonly known? OK.
I’d like to say Private Browser-Best Android Incognito Browser. which uses a separate privacy search engine that doesn’t record any of your searches and has a powerful anti-tracking feature. It even puts password protection on your bookmarks. If you want to make your browsing history more secure, maybe give it a try. Btw, it’s only 5M and the speed is fast !:rofl:

I share a nice new app. It’s named Agile File Manager. The minimal UI design allows you to organize files faster. It has a powerful cleanup feature. Quick access to your storage and check how much memory is being used on your internal storage. You can get helpful suggestions of files to erase before you run out space.
Agile File Explorer in Android also supports .zip and .rar formats, so you can extract and compress files only one tap. It’s totally free with no ads. Besides, you can quickly pick up where you left off using the “Recent” files feature.

Hello everyone!
Please allow me to introduce a highly efficient and convenient media playback tool for you. It’s AGL Video Player – Best free video player for Android. It’s easier for you to enjoy quality videos smoother and better. Moreover, AGL Video Player finds you the most shared & trending viral videos to save you from wasting time! It provides millions of online videos from those popular sites, all for free. I believe you will like it.

  1. Daily Expenses App
  2. Google Drive
  3. Sticky notes… etc. these apps I will use daily…