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What are some of the best free movie downloading apps for android?

Hey, I was looking for some apps by which I can easily download or stream a movie since I don’t have a DVD player available and I’ not looking forward to buying that.
Can you please tell me about some apps by which I can easily download a movie.

Hi @billwalker . There are many apps for streaming as well as downloading movies but here I’m discussing some of the best apps which I use personally.

  1. Popcorn Time:

This is by far one of the most requested and trustworthy apps available. It has almost all the movies available. With this app, you can either stream or download your favorite movie.
To find a movie you can either search for the movie or find it by a specific category.
I suggest that you should use a decent VPN to hide your movie downloads from the internet service provider.
The link for the downloading the apk is given below:

  1. Showbox:

Showbox is another movie app that will never disappoint you. It’s database updates very frequently which will, in turn, provide you all the new movies without any gap.
You can download and stream movies from this app as well.

You can get this app from apk section of our site.

Let me know if these are good or not.


Oh, I’ve tried both of these applications and they are the best. Both of them have such good platform and they have almost all the movies that I’ve tried up till now.
Thanks for mentioning these apps. :blush:

Unfortunately both of these apps didn’t work for me. Can you let me know about another app.

I will definately try these out, that is a good way to watch movies. :smiley:

Hey Billwalker.
I will strongly suggest you to download Aero TV App. You can get it for your Android or PC.
This app is free form any glitches.
It has Movies, TV shows and Live TV streaming
Also it lets you download anything you want.
If you are unable to download the app then go for Aero TV Apk.

showbox app is best for movies and shows you can try this.

some awesome highlights that Showbox brings to the table its clients:

It is extremely easy to use and simple to explore

You can make diverse playlists in light of your most loved TV shows and motion pictures

They have an unfathomable exhibit of motion pictures and shows for you to look over

You can download indicates straightforwardly from Showbox

It is free

You can either download motion pictures and show OR stream them in the event that you would prefer not to mess up your telephone’s memory

Showbox is accessible on most cell phones out there, and additionally on your PC

Would you like free or Paid apps?

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showbox and popcorn time are best apps !

Online streaming Apps are very difficult to be accepted by Google for its Play Store due to policy violations But such Apps are freely available to be installed on the Android phone
The Best Movie Download Apps for Android to save and watch HD Movies for Free offline
Showbox is by far the most popular online streaming app
Popcorn Time
The popcorn Time indexes various torrent search engine clients and sites to stream the movies and other content for absolutely free. The App offers large content of movies and TV shows without any account and annoying Ads.
Terrarium TV
Terrarium TV is a very popular video streaming app, it hosts movies and TV series on drives and other cloud services. You can download movies with various different resolutions along with subtitles.

I found a app called catmouse a clone of world famous app titanium tv. It contains thousands of movies and tv series for free with HD as well as Full HD. I downloaded it from catmouseapk.store websiite Overall it is worth to use.This text will be hidden

I can say with confidence that this is the best app for watching movies. No need to download. ShowBox is also a good option, you can try it as a replacement for Popcorn.

Online Streaming Apps for watching movies for free is quite difficult to find out, which one is the best. But their are some of the Apps which are listed below:
PopcornFlix: This is one of the best video streaming apps to watch movies for free. There is no need for any subscription.
Crackle Tv: Another a good App for the same. All the TV shows and movies are sorted according to their genres.
Tubu TV: It is also a free movies streaming app with free ads. Their is also no need of subscription.
You can also download the movies and watch it later.

Popcorn Time. Its content is directly streamed from Torrent. You can find almost any TV show or movie on it.

I find Teatv is also a very good movie app for Android devices. I also use teatv for my S8.

(Cinemax Movie Zone ) On google play

Hello, I see many people have shared website like popcorn time etc but I will suggest Netflix is the best source and If you want alternate then Amazon Prime is good too.
One more thing if you want to download open source things then I see this website have some Good Stuff torrentzeu. org.

Thank You!

I have been using a lot of video streaming apps and the common flaw among most of them is they are not very fast. That’s why I prefer Premium Streaming apps. When you are using a free streaming apps from the list httрs://streamingsites.com/free-streaming-apps/ you need to suffer diminished quality. I have been using Now tv for a while now and have zero complaints. There is always updated high-quality content available whenever I want to watch it.