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What are the Alternatives of Pokesnip?

Hey, as I saw many topics on this forum related to Pokémon so I thought why not ask about Pokesnip.
I was just wondering that Pokesnip was a great website for snipping a Pokémon but while I was using that to play my game, I stopped playing the game since I had my exams. So now I got back into playing that game but I couldn’t find the original website. What happened to the original website?

Hi, yes, unfortunately, Pokesnip has closed, don’t know why that happened, I guess it was blocked by Niantic.
It was blocked around August 2016 approximately.

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So where are we going to get the coordinates for all the Pokémon?
Can you suggest any good websites?

Yes sure. There are many other websites related to getting coordinates for snipping Pokémon.
I suggest you should use Pokezz, it is designed in a very clear-cut manner and it is very easy to find any Pokémon on that website. It has a user friendly interface.

Any other website suggestion for coordinates?

Pokedex100 is also another great website related to snipping Pokémon’s.
It is also very easy to use & user friendly.