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What is Easiest Way to Download Online Videos for Offline Viewing?

I would like to know which is the best app-(that Norton AV accepts) for downloading videos for offline viewing? (ZTE droid 6.0.1)

If you need to download YouTube videos, then you can do directly in the app. There isn’t any need to install any third party app. It’s also against their policy to download videos directly. Best way is to subscribe to YouTube Red if its available in your country. In few countries YouTube allows you to download videos for free to view offline.

As YouTube app download is only supported in few countries so If you are out of those countries then these apps are the best option. I don’t recommend doing so, it might not be legal. You are responsible for everything.

1. InstaTube

This is my favorite app for downloading videos from YouTube. This app can help you download videos from a lot of sites. Using this app you can download both video and audio from YouTube.
Download below:

2. SnapTube

Its only famous app for donwloading YouTube videos and audios. I havent used it but you can give it a try.

3. TubeMate

This is one of the most famous YouTube video downloading app. I don’t like its design but still check out if it might help you.

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I am not sure whether Norton AV will accept them or not but these work fine and are without spyware or virus.

SnapTube and TubeMate are two of my favorites. As mentioned by Steve, TubeMate’s user interface is slightly cluttered but the developers have released a newer version i.e. TubeMate 3.0 with enhanced UI and improved UX, which makes it easier to download and even watch YouTube videos directly from the app. It even has a dark and light theme mode.

The best feature of TubeMate is the builtin download acceleration that uses multiple concurrent connections for fast downloading of YouTube videos. You can configure the app to establish up to 6 connections for speedy downloads. :wink:

If you’re interested, you can download TubeMate YouTube downloader from our apk section.


And talking about antivirus, these are reputable YouTube videos downloading apps and should not interfere with your antivirus. If you come across any problem then let us know and we will help you out! :v:

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I also recommend Tubemate. It works quite well.

Tubemate is the best one and it is on the top of my suggestions. I’ve always used that app to download videos as well as music.

I recommend free Instube Youtube Downloader

Please share the link of the site as mp3juice has various domain !!

Well you can also use Mp3Shark. Don’t get confused by the name as it can also download Mp4 files as well as Mp3. You should definately try this one. It is fast, simple, easy, reliable, and anyone can do this.

Here is the link:

You can also try tubidy dot tube.
It is good for free music. Great outcome and exiting features !! This is what I found for free mp3 downloads. Works fine for me
Anyone using this ?

Here is an easy way to download YouTube Video with VidPaw. You can search VidPaw on Google if you don’t know about VidPaw.

Simply add “paw” behind “youtube” on the video address.

Hope this can help you!

You can find much tool to download Youtube videos offline. The trouble for me is about how to convert Youtube videos to MP3. The best video converter is to help you convert all video to the format you want. Especially when you are crazy iTunes fans to purchase or rent the latest movies/TV shows from iTunes store, you may know all these videos are DRM protected, it can be played on Apple devices only. Now with using Tuneskit Media Converter Windows, you can crack DRM protection and convert videos from M4V to MP4, MPG, MOV, FLV, AVI, MP3, etc with all audio tracks, subtitles at faster speed without hampering the quality. You can have a try depends on own need.

Perhaps the best way is to record Youtube?

@huaying I don’t think you can record videos from the app.

Tubemate is the best YouTube video downloader…

I use TubeMate for downloading videos offline. Apart from that, the YouTube offline option is also the best option.

SnapTube Pro is the best app for the YouTube video & audio downloader app. This app has many features. This app no virus. This app is very faster and speeds video & audio downloading. This app supported MP3, Hd videos and many other apps. It supported Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.

As for me i use joyoshare Screen Recorder to recorder an online video on computer. Then send it to my mobile phone. It is easy to use and the quality of the video is high.

Personally, I always use Video downloader on Syncios Android Manager to download online videos that I want. Sometimes I watch it on my windows computer, sometimes I prefer to import all them to my Samsung phone. By the way, it can download videos from more than 100 websites. As I know, YouTube and Vimeo are ok.