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What is the best app locker in your eyes?

Hi everyone! Just want to hear some info from you, what is the best locker for your android phone? For me, I have used many like AppLock DoMobile, CM security, LEO privacy. I think every app has its’ advantage. For AppLock, I like the hide AppLock icon feature most. What about you? Give me your suggestions, thanks!

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Hi Vivian, CM Locker and App locks are best in my view. I am using CM locker from a long time and it’s working great for me. Second App lock is also a good app to lock apps in the Vault.
Which app do you think are better?

Hi Steve, I prefer AppLock from DoMobile. The features like Hide AppLock icon and magic cover, now in the latest version added Intruder selfie. I love the features above!

That seems a good app. I will try.

I am also using CM app locker and its best app I have ever used.

Have you tried AppLock from DoMobile?:grinning:

Thanks for sharing it.I love AppLock DoMobile. :wink:

Welcome! I like it, too! Now I’m looking forward to the new versions.:rofl:

App lock 2017 is the new app I had found on playstore and I think it is quite good.

I use the app called Avast Antivirus since it has many other things to offer other than app lock.
You can get it from here:

I am using Audio Manager app for hiding photos, videos and more. Try it, its nice.

In my view Next Lock Screen and Norton App Lock are good with no or minimum ads plus their UI is simple

CM security app lock is the best android application…