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What is the most useful android apps in 2018

I am finding some new and useful android apps, please leave your apps.
Wow, thanks, I am an android lover, I will try them.
I find the applock is amazing. Lock apps/pictures/videos, I like secret browser feature. :hugs:
Here is the link:

Wikipedia is also useful, I will try it.

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I find the Wikipedia app to be the most usefull app of 2018 as it the generation of information and technology and the scientists are discovering new words everyday, so in that case, wikipedia will be my choice.

You can get the wikipedia app from the given link:

U-Dictionary is my favourite app of 2018. It gives me the widest variety of hard or unknown words easily. It also helps people who speak different languages other than english like me. Right now I’m using the U-Dictionary to translate my language into english.

I find this to be the most useful app of all time. you can get this app from the link given below:

I use this app called WikiHow. It is somewhat like Wikipedia but except of giving you information about something, it gives how-to guide to you about everything you want or do in your daily life.
I have used it in many occasions like how to tie a tie, or tie your shoe laces with different methods.

Try it out for yourself:

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As I work at office everyday, and I do a lot of document work, so I use the app called Office Lens. It is an app that lets you scan anything from pictures to white board to documents and crops that picture to the outline of the page or board which is very hard to do with a normal camera and crop tool.

Try this app:

I found these apps to be useful in 2018;

  1. Wunderlist; for productivity, link

  2. Terrarium TV; for watching movies and TV shoes, link

  3. Smart Tools; for useful tools and stuff, link

Thanks all. I’m an android lover and I will try them.
One day at my office I was checking my emails at my mobile phone, suddenly my Manager called me in his cabin for same official work.
So that time I just left my phone in my cabin, so at my back side, my two friends are checking my phone, after that I know that one is checked my phone so I just told this to everything to my best friend.
He told me to Install and download AppLock by DoMobile for mobile phone security, after on his suggestion I just install it in my phone, now my phone is fully secured with the other peoples. Nice application :rofl:

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Record Bird is the most useful app according to me. It is a music app. It shows recent release and you keep the tracks of your favorite singer.

Am a Indian so one of the best apps that i have used in India is this app you can check railway pnr status and watch metro maps of all Indian Metropolitan cities and book cabs as well it has some additional features like offline games, cricket news movies etc, in short it’s a complete travel bae!

I think Google Chrome is one of the most useful mobile app.

I found one app called as TribeFluence. This app connects branders and social media influencers in one platform. They can communicate with each other and also do business.

This app is perfect for social media influencers. Once a user logs on as a Brander the TribeFluence team carefully matches Branders with a “Tribe” of influencers to ensure they are reaching an audience who is interested in their post. And Influencers get paid while sharing their content so everyone wins.

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One of the more useful app in India Hotfoot - all-in-one app for Trains, Metros, and Cab.
The app helps you to list of Indian trains,PNR status, live train timings and schedule, train fare enquiry, local trains & metro info, offline railway time-table, tracking and sharing PNR information via SMS or email, find direct trains via stations, etc.

As for me, AGL Video Player is the most useful app in 2018. It is a video player app. i like downloading videos and watch them when i’m alone. This video player supports near all playback formats. Moreover, it can protect personal video with private folder so that others can’t find it. it’s really useful!

Private Browser-Best Android Incognito Browser
This is the most useful app I’ve found in 2018. Unlike other browsers, the private browser is the default incognito mode, and it opens and downloads very quickly. Another speciality is that it provides password locks to protect bookmarks and make me feel comfortable.
If you value privacy as much, you can try it!

Useful Android Apps:

  1. CamScanner
  2. PDF reader
  3. Dictionary…etc

Sharing them with you:
Units Convert (You can use it to converts common units of measurement)
Lockme Widget
Safewiper (You can use it to delete any data)
Units Convert
Google Assistant (It is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant)
Tor browser