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Whatsapp Voice Call Not Ringing

My phone was working perfectly fine, everything was working, every sound was enabled but from yesterday morning, WhatsApp calls doesn’t ring at all. I didn’t change any settings and it is not ringing. What should I do?

Go to your Whatsapp > Settings > Notifications > Call Notifications and then tap on Ringtone, there you’ll find all the ringtones on your phone and tap on the one that you like and tap OK.

Now check if your phone rings or not.

Yes, it rings on my phone. Thanks for the solution.

It doesn’t ring even after I did that. Anything else?

Try clearing the cache of the WhatsApp app and clear the data as well if you can.
Just go to your Settings > More > Application Manager > Downloaded and from there find the WhatsApp app and tap on it. There you’ll find options to clear the cache and the data of that app as well. Do both if you can.

Isn’t this gonna erase all the chats and everything?

Yes, it will but once you download the app again it will give you all the options to sync all your data again.

Just remember that Whatsapp only gives this option once and if you cancel the option by mistake or any other way it is not going to come back and it will not give you the option to do it again.

It happened once to me as well. I just deleted the app and installed it again and the problem was solved for me. If none works, you should definitely try to do this.

I have a Samsung s10 plus and the whats app does not ring out nad I did backup the data and reinstaild it aswell

One of the main reasons why this issue occurs is because of faulty settings related to notifications and ringing tone As well as the issue can be related to system optimization and what settings you have for your WhatsApp, app