Where can I find a SimCity Buildit APK


Name of App: SimCity BuildIt*
Developer: Electronic Arts
Type: Game
Playstore Link: Can’t paste link
Size: About 90MB

Hi! I have downloaded the SimCity Buildit Mod APK from here. The APK works almost as I expected to my surprise. However I don’t like that I can only use the app without internet, which means I can’t use clubs, contest of mayors, trade HQ… Is it possible that I can access these with a modified APK?

Another thing, I do not have unlimited platinum keys, which cannot be replaced by SimCash unfortunately.

EDIT: I am using Memu, an android emulator. Does this change anything?


It will only work like this since SimCity BuildIt is a cloud based app and whatever you do is stored in cloud storage and it will detect any changes in the game. Say for an example you had 5000 coins in the morning and the other morning you had 500,000 coins, so everybody knows that no one can get this much coins over night. If you want to play online then you’ll have to download the official version from the Play Store.


I’m not sure I understand the point of the mod, then. Is there a way I can connect with my real city to give items?


This mod is going to let you play freely. Like you’ll have unlimited coins and stuff. But one drawback is that you can’t play online with this. As you’ll get caught after they’ll check your scores and stuff and your coins. So if you’re not so serious about the game but want to play it anyways without spending time gathering coins, then this will be your best bet otherwise you should play the official game available on the Play Store.