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Which App Is Best For Controlling PC With Android

Can anyone tell me which is the best app that we can use to control our Pc through our android smartphone. It’s would be really easy that way.

In my opinion, the best app that you can use to control your PC is Unified Remote. I find this app to be the simplest out of every other app that I’ve used and it is really easy to handle as well. I prefer this app to everyone else too. You should definitely try this. Get it from here.

I personally use an app called TeamViewer. It has a lot of features and it is best for office work. I have a lot of assignments and stuff to show to my colleagues so it is really easy to show them these through this app. I like it.

I prefer “Splashtop” since it is really easy to use and I don’t like complicated things. It is good for minimalists as well.

AirDroid is also a nice app for this purpose. It does the job and it is best for my needs.

Chrome Remote Desktop is also a really nice app for controlling your PC through your android device. You should definitely try this app for yourself.