Which Apps Do You Use First When You Wake Up


I was just thinking that what the people use first when they wake up in the morning. I personally use the message app which comes with the phones to talk to my girlfriend.


The first app that I use in the morning is Facebook. I mostly check all the notifications and stuff.


I personally use YouTube first in the morning. I watch two to three videos from my favorite Youtubers or sometimes more and then I wake up. I even do my breakfast while watching the videos.


I only use Instagram in the morning. I feel like if I don’t use it in the morning, my day just doesn’t start. I feel like I’m addicted, which is not an ideal thing but yeah.


Twitter is the first thing that I open in the morning to check the latest feeds and news as I don’t watch the news on TV.


To be honest, I don’t use my phone when I wake up. I don’t even touch it. You won’t believe me but I’m not into these things very much.


I used to use Facebook but after the Google has announced the new news feature, I use that to know whats going on around the world.


I mostly check the score of football and cricket matches on Google. That’s the first thing I do.


I mostly play some music on my phone and do all of my work while listening to them. Sometimes I use Spotify to listen to music as well.


I usually chat with my business partner on wunderlist as I’m currently doing business.


simple alarm clock…


Mine was the Snail app. But I could not find this app anywhere any longer.


Mine was Private Browser-Best Android Incognito Browser.
Since I’m a private person, I usually use it to browse the news and check email, so that my records won’t be tracked. I hate being recommended for useless ads and this browser is clean and fast. I’m happy with it.


For me, I like watching some funny videos after waking up so that i will have a good motion all day. i’d like to recommend you guys a good video app which called AGL Video Player which you can free download at GP, there are thousands of top trending videos which are from those popular video sites like Youtube. it’s also a professional video playback tool to play offline videos smoothly, you can easily enjoy all videos.

Hope it helps!:grinning: