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Which is best Android app for Reddit?

I was searching for some best reddit app. Can you guys recommend me some good apps. Thanks

Reddit have their own official app. Why you don’t use it?

Definitely their own app. If you are looking for more functionality and options than try Slide for Reddit and Boost for Reddit.

Links below

There are many apps but most people prefer Sync Reddit App. Some of best Reddit apps are mentioned below.

I also have good experience with Sync for Reddit and Reddit is fun app.

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I would like to suggest BaconReader. It is one of the most popular Reddit app developed by OneLouder.

Key Features:

  • Background themes
  • Material Design Interface
  • Moderator Tools
  • Multiple Account Support
  • Advanced Filtering

Thanks for the list.

I never use Reddit app, William is right why you don’t use their own official app?

Some nonofficial apps have more amazing UI and functions, that’s why people prefer to use them.

I use the official reddit app and its ok. Or I just ose the browser and that works too.