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Which Is The Best Android Phone Of 2018?

Ok so I’m looking for a new phone, but I can’t decide which one to get. Any suggestions?

Well, there are many phones out there but it depends on what specs you are looking for. Here I can suggest some phone,

  1. Samsung Galaxy S8:

It has an awesome camera, huge screen, 4Gb RAM and a new Android OS. But it has some drawbacks like the touch ID is located in an unusual place and high price but it is worth it.

  1. Huawei Mate 10 Pro:

This is also one great phone with 6-inch screen, 6GB RAM, and a dual camera setup (20+12). If you’re looking for a decent phone with a great camera this is the one to go for.

Any other suggestion, I want a small phone but it should be powerful as well?

Look at this phone, just as you asked for, small and powerful beast:

Pixel 2:

This is a phone for all the small handed Android users as it is a small phone with great features. 4GB RAM, 5-inch screen and a beast of a camera, it is the first phone to have portrait mode on selfie as well as back camera without 2 cameras as only phones with 2 cameras can give this much depth of field and it works really good.

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I like the S8 but I want my phone to be more powerful. I don’t have any problem with big phones.

I think this phone is the perfect solution for your needs, check it out:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

If you’re looking for a phone to be more productive, this is the one to go for. With 6GB RAM, 6.3-inch screen, Android 7.1 and 12 mp camera. This can do anything that you can ever imagine.

I am a content creator and I need a phone with an awesome camera and an awesome camera app to work with it. If it gives a wide option on video recorder then I’ll be more than happy.

Yea sure man, this is the best phone to go for as you can control shutter speed, focus manually, and it also gives focus peeking during video recording so you should check this out:

LG V30:

This is also one of the greatest phone that you can get with features like, Dual camera (16+13), 4GB RAM, 6-inch screen and an awesome camera app.

Any phones for ones who have a low budget. I am looking for a budget phone.

Wait no more and get this phone ASAP. It is the cheapest (in price) and best in every aspect.

OnePlus 5T:

If you’re looking for a great phone with every feature that you can imagine with a low budget, this is the phone that you should go for. With 8Gb RAM, 6-inch screen, dual camera setup (16+20), and one of the fastest face unlock and fingerprint reader (Faster than ever).

Thanks people for helping…

RedMi Note6 Pro is the better feature phone with low price…