Why Does My Android Phone Randomly Plays Ads?


Recently while I’m using my phone, it plays random ads on my screen. I don’t know which app is doing this but it’s really annoying and when it plays the ads, it doesn’t even let me use my phone.


What you could do is, whenever you hear or see an ad, go to recent apps that are running on the background and turn them off one by one and see which one stops the ad on closing the app.


The same things happen to me as well. It’s really annoying sometimes, like when you’re using the phone or trying to do something quickly it plays the ad and annoys me really badly.


Have you downloaded any app like CM security or something like these security apps or VPN apps, they are usually running in the background and even on closing the recent apps, they still run in the background to secure your smartphone. Try turning them off for a day and see if the ad pops-up or not. If not, then these apps were the culprits.


What if this does not work? Like if someone doesn’t use these apps.


Then you could delete all the recent apps that you’ve recently downloaded and see if they are doing it. Your browser can also be the culprit, there are ads that pop-up on your browser as well.


Having the same issue with my Samsung Galaxy S6 Active. I had recently downloaded a bunch of apps and even though I thought I deleted all of them I was still having this problem. So I went to the market and looked under my “Installed Apps” and there was 2 apps in the list that did not show anywhere else on my phone or on any of my home screens… Sure enough as soon as I deleted those…, problem solved! :slight_smile: