Your Browser Is Heavily Damaged By Virus "Solution?"


There is a message popping again and again on my browser telling me that my browser is heavily damaged by four virus. Is it true? Is my browser really infected by virus? What is the solution to this problem?


Four Virus is also a type of browser hijacker that shows you pop-up ads and trick you into installing their apps which will help them show you more ads according to your interest.
No matter what kind of sites you’ve been visiting or browsing, you don’t have any kind of virus installed on your phone. The message is just to trick you into installing their app.

This kind of browser hijacker is not capable of stealing your personal information.

Most of the antivirus software cannot detect this virus since it is not actually a virus, so you might have to do this manually by yourself.

Try these methods;

1st Method:

Permissions for Android Device:

Go to settings > security and make sure that only trusted apps like Google Play Store or Android device manager are allowed to alter your device in device administration. And make sure that unknown source is not enabled.

2nd Method:

Removing the hijacker from the browser:

If the first method didn’t work then;
Go to settings > application manager and look for the browser that you’ve been using and facing trouble in. Once there just click on clear data and clear cache and then restart your device.

One of these two methods should get rid of those browser hijackers.


This is mostly done using Javascript code, the same code which is used to show pop ads and notifications. So If you are not going to download infected apps then there is nothing to worry.


These are ads trying to force users to download their apps. Don’t worry and just skip them by closing that tab or go back.


It might be because you mistakenly clicked one of the popups that now hosted one of the files in your device. The steps are simple here is how to undo four virus